Hickok's Tavern

At our new restaurant and bar, diners can enjoy a delicious new menu with everyone's favorite pizza in Deadwood!

Restaurant Info

State-of-the-Art Kitchen

Our brand-new state-of-the-art kitchen has been specifically designed to prepare the most mouth-watering pizza you've ever had. We use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that you get the best taste and quality in every bite.

Historic Patio

Enjoy your meal outside on our Historic Patio. Our outdoor seating is perfect for lunch or dinner with friends and family, or for just soaking up the atmosphere of Historic Deadwood.

VIP Mezzanine

For those looking for a more intimate experience, we also have a VIP mezzanine seated area. Here you can enjoy craft cocktails and appetizers while taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Deadwood.

Bar Info

 Saddle up to the bar and savor the signature concoctions expertly crafted by seasoned mixologists, who spin tales as tall as the nearby Black Hills. Whether you're nursing a glass of aged whiskey or sipping on a contemporary twist of a classic cocktail, Hickok's Tavern caters to all palates.